Securing Dykes
NOAH SECURE Culvert Systems

Pipe culverts in dykes
NOAH systems provide the most efficient way to obtain protection against floodwaters.

NOAH is not only the sole European floodwater protection manufacturer, which offers a "all-round flood protection package", but we also look after what are known as the fringe areas in floodwater protection. Pipe culverts through dykes are part of the floodwater protection, which is often neglected and is only mentioned when attention is drawn to them. This happens when the culverts fail to function as a result old-fashioned engineering and/or poor components.


If non-return valves fail and it is no longer possible to move the slide valves or the components have completely disappeared, because they were dismantled without authorisation – then floodwaters can flow unhindered through these pipe culverts to the hinterland and dykes then no longer provide protection, but become a trap. There is hardly any escape for this artificially created flood water. This is why NOAH has developed a system to prevent these kinds of scenarios in advance and ensure that everybody can sleep peacefully.
NOAH SECURE Inlet Structures NSE
NOAH SECURE Parallel Slide Gate Valves NSP
NOAH SECURE Non-Return Valve NSR