Keeping flood water where it belongs

Innovative flood protection:
NOAH HSP floodwater protection panels

Flood disasters in recent years have made it very clear that existing embankments or dykes, walls and river-bank reinforcements, which were based on the data available when they were built, are no longer able to cope with these volumes of water. NOAH HSP floodwater protection panels a pioneering highefficiency system are precisely designed to handle this kind of situation.

Assembled in record time
As water levels rise and reliable flood protection becomes a matter of urgency, this lightweight, panel system, which is easy to understand, can be assembled in a very short time. Three workers can assemble a protective barrier no less than 100 metres long and 1.25 metres high in about 3 hours. Compared with this, the conventional sandbag approach is thoroughly ineffective and would need as many as 130 helpers to achieve the same results. The record-breaking assembly time for NOAH HSP is also superior to anyother mobile or semi-mobile systems. Far-sighted people will invest in NOAH preventive flood protection systems now, and if the worst case scenario develops, they can enjoy the required level of protection very much more economically.

Remember: as floods become more frequent, nature will win the race unless you are faster.

Advantages of NOAH HSP Flood Protection Panels at a glance:

Rapid assembly and dismantling, thanks to Easy-up quick-action fasteners
Assembly principle is easy to understand; no tools or training needed
Can be assembled by a small number of helpers
Components cover large areas, but are still lightweight
Easy to transport
'Lotus effect' simplifies cleaning
Guaranteed to meet stringent leak-proof standards
Extremely durable
Practically no ageing or corrosion, if correctly stored
Environmentally-friendly, food-safe and suitable for drinking water
Can be combined with all other NOAH systems

Keep a step ahead of flood waters

Three things provide maximum flood protection: permanently installed base elements, extremely rigid hi-tech plastic panels inserted into them when a flood warning is imminent, and fold-out steel stabilising struts. Our Easy-up quickacting
fasteners make assembly quick and simple.

There are two reliable types of anchorage for the base elements, depending on what is required:

1. A plastic element recessed into the surface:

  • a base element recessed into a concrete foundation and provided with a flush-fitting cover
  • This only marginally affects the landscape or local scenery

2. A base element that is attached to the top or the side of an existing flood protection wall.

NOAH HSP dimensions

Protection height: max. system support spacing:
250 mm – 1,500 mm 1,200 mm – 4,500 mm

We reserve the right to make alterations in the course of ongoing technical developments.

NOAH HSP floodwater protection panels: installed cross-wise with supports


NOAH HSP floodwater protection panels: installed cross-wise with supports

Increasing the height of an existing protective wall