SECURE for Cycle Paths and Roads

Innovative protection against roots
NOAH root protection system (WSS)

Innovative protection against roots

If you look at the NOAH systems, ranging from combatting water with water to dyke reinforcements, root protection is just a further development. We have been carrying out tests successfully in this area since 2006.

And now we have this perfect rotary cutter for almost any type of soil!

This cutter is not just suitable for laying a root protection foil, but can also be used to lay cables and pipes as a logical consequence of further developments.

Roots do not have a hope.

The integrated root protection foil is waterproof, environmentallyfriendly and ensures that no roots will grow into footpaths or roads any more.

A 25-year guarantee - damage by roots is now a thing of the past.


The advantages of the NOAH root protection system

Easy to insert
No more roots growing through
Low costs
100% waterproof
100% environmentally-friendly
Weldable at any point
Pressure resistance of 3455 kN
High time and financial savings
25-year guarantee
Daily output up to 2,000 m (depending on the soil characteristics)

Innovative protection against roots
Laying/cutting system (VFS)

Further uses for the ditch cutter

There are a number of other uses for our ditch cutter, in addition to our root protection system:

General civil engineering

Drainage pipes
Cable trenches
Utilities trenches
Trenches for geothermal energy cables
Trenches for Berlin type pit linings

Power stations and solar panel units

Cable trenches for feeder cables
Linking trenches at solar parks

Building waste disposal sites

Trenches for loop wiring systems etc.



We have an enormous advantage over the conventional construction of cable trenches (with excavators etc.).

An excavator takes approx. 3.5 hours for a trench that is 1 m deep, 0.30 m wide and 100 m long. This means daily output of approx. 300 m.

Our trench cutter offers daily output of approx. 1500 2000 m depending on the type of soil. This is 5 6.5 times more than an excavator.

The basic unit is a Fendt 927 tractor with 270 hp
The cutting wheel cuts a trench that is 30 cm wide and up to 1.30 m deep for soil classes 1 6
Carbide-tipped circular cutter on the cutting wheel
30 kN force in vibrating plate
25 cm wide vibrating plate
The cutting wheel can be moved to the right or left away from the centre
Depending on the task, the discharged material is stored at the side or fed back into the trench and compressed
Cutting/inserting/compressing all in one working operation