What better protection against water than WATER!

Innovative flood protection:
NOAH HSW reservoir system

An effective early warning system is naturally a good thing. But the top priority in the face of impending flood waters is the ability to respond quickly and flexibly. The NOAH HSW reservoir system has obvious advantages compared with conventional methods of protection like sandbags. You would need 35,000 sandbags to raise the height of a river bank by 1.25 metres along a section measuring 100 metres. The immense costs incurred in these situations cannot compare with the effective flood water protection provided by NOAH HSW. In addition, filling and transporting sandbags ties up manpower that may be urgently needed elsewhere: a further time and money factor.

How to achieve more with less expense
A familiar saying in the fire-fighting services is "Four men, four corners". It is very relevant to the innovative NOAH HSW reservoir system: a few helpers can achieve better results in the same time, including the transport operation. It also prevents the timeconsuming, costly disposal process after the floods subside. Specially designed, patented plastic reservoirs are joined together to make a watertight barrier and their stability is guaranteed in the simplest possible way: by filling them with flood water a task that the fire service, for instance,can perform. When the water level drops again, the water from the reservoirs is simply

discharged as well. Far-sighted people invest in preventive flood protection from NOAH and achieve better results with less outlay when urgent action is needed.

The advantages of the NOAH HSW patented mobile reservoir system at a glance:
•      Rapid assembly and dismantling, thanks to Easy-up quick-action fasteners
•  Assembly principle is easy to understand; no tools or training needed
•  Only a small number of helpers required
•  Easy to transport
•  'Lotus effect' for easy cleaning
•  Water-tight to the highest standards
•  Extremely durable
•  Practically no ageing or corrosion, if correctly stored
•  Environmentally acceptable, food-safe and suitable for drinking water
•  Can be combined with all other NOAH systems

A firm barrier as floodwater rises.

Lightweight but extremely rigid, the reservoir elements are made of environmentally-friendly, highly impact-resistant polyethylene, which is an almost indestructible material. The seals at the base prevent water from seeping through and increase the shearing strength.

The elements are aligned and connected together by Easy-up quickaction fasteners to form a watertight barrier wall. A lip at the base and fold-in support struts attached to the rear of each reservoir increase its stability. Pins permanently attached to the reservoirs can be driven into the soil to provide a firm base.

Dimensions of NOAH HSW

Width: 500 mm - 3.000 mm
Height: 250 mm - 1.250 mm
Depth: starting from 300 mm, depending on protection required

Curved reservoir elements at angles up to 90 are also available.

We reserve the right to make alterations in the course of ongoing technical developments.