Keeping floodwaters out of your home

Innovative, individual flood protection:
mobile NOAH FSP window protection panels and NOAH TSP door protection panels

It is almost impossible to recognise your home after flooding: heavily contaminated water leaves behind mountains of dirt and mud, dangerous germs, fungi and other substances that represent a health hazard. This damage can only be cleared away if at all at huge expense, and it is a very time-consuming process. To protect a house against floodwaters, the doors and windows in particular need to be sealed to the maximum possible extent.

Waterproof protection without any pre-assembly work
NOAH FSP window protection panels and NOAH TSP door protection panels are unique on the world market; they are equipped with seals that can be inflated very quickly and easily with an air pump when the need arises. Windows and doors are provided with a watertight seal in a matter of moments and are also protected against damage by objects carried along in the floodwaters. These protective panels are also effective in stormy weather, when branches of trees, rooftiles or other airborne objects represent a very real hazard.

Made to measure, the protective panels can be attached from the inside or outside, with no preassembly work needed. Far-sighted people rely on NOAH preventive flood protection systems and achieve a high degree of protection when a crisis looms.

The advantages of NOAH FSP window protection panels and NOAH TSP door protection panels at a glance:

Easily installed and removed without any pre-assembly work
Simple to transport and store
No tools needed
Highly water-proof and extremely durable
Practicallyno ageing or corrosion if correctly stored
Environmentally-friendly, food-safe, suitable for drinking water
'Lotus effect' for easy cleaning

Your house does not have to suit our system: we have adapted our system to suit your house.

The manner of attaching the protective panels is self-explanatory. No pre-assembly work is needed all you need is an air pump. Please note: if these products are used on cellar or basement windows or doors, remember that the hydro-geological situation may cause the ground water to rise if flooding occurs. Check in advance that the building will remain stable when the cellar is empty and the ground water table is high (rising effect).

Seals inflated instant protection!


The protective panels can be adapted to suit all normal window and door dimensions.

We reserve the right to make alterations in the course of ongoing technical developments.

Seals inflated instant protection!