Even one flooded cellar is one too many

Innovative flood protection:
NOAH GSP ground water protection panels

Anyone who lives close to a river, even if it is quite a small stream, knows the problem: when water levels rise, as they seem to do more and more frequently, the basement or cellar has to be pumped out and then there is the unpleasant task of cleaning up. All this involves considerable expense and disruption.

An effective barrier
The problem is that after the floodwater levels have risen, the ground water table begins to rise as well. But there's an answer: NOAH GSP ground water protection panels. They are inserted vertically into the ground at a suitable point between the river and the building and therefore increase the water's seepage path. As a result, the ground water table rises very much more slowly and seldom reaches what were previously critical heights.

The prospects of keeping your cellar dry suddenly become very much morepromising. In short: far-sighted people install flood protection systems from NOAH and achieve much more with minimum effort when an emergency arises.

The advantages of the patented NOAH GSP ground water protection panels at a glance:

Can be installed with a minimum of vibration
Rapid installation
Only minimum disruption to the natural surroundings
Low costs
Highly waterproof and extremely durable
Environmentally-friendly, food-safe and suitable for drinking water
Can be combined with all other NOAH systems

Invisible protection

At the polyethylene ground water protection panels are inserted at a suitable point into a narrow trench in the ground. The upper edges are just below the surface and therefore entirely invisible. A special technique enables the excavated soil to be used to fill the areas on either side of the panels, which not only hold back water but also resist root penetration or attack by rodents. And if flooding is likely, protection systems such as the NOAH HSW reservoir system or NOAH HSP flood protection panels combined with NOAH DEP embankment raising panels ensure optimal protection above ground.

The use of NOAH GSP ground water protection panels must always be carefully coordinated with the local hydro-geological situation.

Dimensions of NOAH GSP

Thickness: from 3 mm upwards
Installed depth: as required, down to 8 metres

We reserve the right to make alterations in the course of ongoing technical developments.