What do experts say about the Noah water protection systems?

Dr. Sänger
Ist der Sandsackverbau ein Beitrag zum Hochwasserschutz?
Nein – der Sandsackverbau ist nicht nur kein Beitrag – er hat definitiv mit Hochwasserschutz nichts gemein. Es lassen sich in unseren Landen zwar ein paar Leute als die Hochwasserschützer schlechthin feiern, weil sie die eine oder andere Maschine zum Abfüllen von Sand in Säcke „erfunden“ haben. Sie klopfen sich so laut auf die eigene Schulter, dass mancher sie wirklich für Hochwasserschützer hält...

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Artikel Dr. Sänger
Dr.-Ing. habil. Hans-B. Horlacher
The recent flood of last year showed that there is an urgent need for reliable, rapidly deployable, mobile flood protection systems.

It is totally unacceptable that we have to use sandbags again and again.

Noah GmbH has developed such a system. We tested prototypes of our system in the Hubert Engels Laboratory for Hydraulic Engineering and Technical Hydromechanics of the Dresden Technical University and found that it is stable and tight up to a water level of 1.20 metres.”

Statement by Dr. Hans-B. Horlacher, university professor, certified engineer, managing director of the Institute for Hydraulic Engineering and Technical Hydromechanics of the Dresden Technical University
Dr.-Ing. Arnd Hartlieb
Scientifically tested“
The system created by Noah Water Secure Systems has proven itself to be fully stable at the considerable full water level of 1.38 m (...) and even with an overflow of several centimetres, in a load test carried out at our Institute. With regard to impermeability, the system also met the requirements of a mobile flood protection system.”

Testing Facility for Water Construction
and Water Economics
Technical University of Munich

Project Manager
Dr.-Ing. Arnd Hartlieb

Director of Testing Facility
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Strobl
Dr. Sänger
Interview with Dr. Sänger, managing director of DBI – EWI GmbH, an independent engineering company for specialist construction, hydrology and environment.

In addition to his work in the engineering firm, Dr. Sänger is a member of important expert bodies in the field of sealing in earthwork, hydraulic engineering and landfill construction (e.g. the expert advisory committee of BAM Berlin for the approval of plastics waterproof sheeting and in Working Group 2.3 of DGGT “The Use of Asphalt in Hydraulic Engineering and Geotechnology”).

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Interview mit Dr. Sänger

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